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Center for control of chronic diseases (CCCD) of ICDDR,B has shared two research findings recently in there periodic newsletter. The a 10 years' cohort study to find out the impact of indoor air pollution on adult cardiopulmonary mortality and found that in rural areas of Bangladesh, it was found that women and children are more vulnerable to indoor air pollution of solid fuel for cooking. Moreover, this study also revealed that indoor air pollution has greater deleterious effect on cardiovascular mortality and morbidity.

For identifying important breast cancer control strategies the centre has finished another study to identify and compare important breast cancer control strategy in different strategies in different regions-Asia, Latin America and the middle East/North Africa for developing a common framework as a guide to the development of national breast cancer strategies.

Bangladesh Institute for Health Sciences organized the 3rd regional public health conference on endocrinology where NCDs and other public health concerns were emphasized. This meeting was held on 13-14th December, 2012. With the collaboration of department of International Health University of Oslo, Norway all publications that have been published under BIHS were disseminated in this conference.

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