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Commentary on Global Disease Burden Study 2010

Global burden of diseases (GBD), 2010, is the best effort ever to estimate global burden of diseases, injuries and risk factors. It has accounted the mortality and morbidity rate by a specific disease all over the world and revealed that now the life expectancy has increased. Global epidemiologic and economic transition is now moving the world to risk factors of more chronic diseases from infectious disease. In Bangladesh as well as globally we have lots of successful achievements to control communicable diseases, we are now in a very good position in child and maternal health in Bangladesh, now child mortality rate is decreasing rather adults are affecting with many non communicable diseases which is worse in condition. People are now living more days with having different kinds of diseases. Global Burden of Disease has exposed the critical situation of the world, as a developing country Bangladesh is in higher risk of getting affected of these diseases, keeping in mind Bangladesh should start working right now to find the scope  to prevent control and management of NCDs. However, all stakeholders should come forward to fight back NCDs.

Prof. Dr. Quazi Tarikul Islam, Treasurer, NCD-F

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