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After the UN High Level Meeting (UN-HLM) on NCDs in 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) has shaped a comprehensive global monitoring framework including indicators and a set of voluntary global targets for the prevention and control of non communicable diseases. The outcome document of the UN-HLM – The Political Declaration – resolute for the adaptation for a global target of 25 percent reduction in premature mortality from NCDs by 2025 and to reinforce this, the global monitoring framework serves to raise awareness and reinforce political commitment for stronger and coordinated global action on NCD prevention and control. For the readers of Elpis, the NCD-F desk has compiled this discussion paper outlining some specific indicators for the ongoing global monitoring framework document.

After the initial level in person and online consultation a three day meeting was held at WHO headquarter in Geneva, 5-7 November, 2012 which revised the framework document with nine (9) global targets and 25 indicators on the prevention, control and treatment of NCDs. For realizing the goals and targets four (4) recommendations came out from the meeting which is as follows:

Ensuring the presence of Global Monitoring Framework at the central to the new Global Action Plan and in the evolving global partnership arrangements for NCDs, and integrated into the post-2015 development framework. The recommendation emphasized that the time for piecemeal approaches to NCDs is over and we need a global approach to the NCD epidemic we all face today.Supporting targets on all four (4) major risk factors was emphasized and it was discussed that this framework will not be credible or comprehensive without all four. In addition to this, ensuring support for health systems on drug therapy and the availability of essential quality-assured NCD medicines and technologies was also highlighted.The framework identified that to have targets solely on prevention would violate the human rights of people affected and living with NCDs. Therefore the need for a balanced approach for control, management, treatment and prevention within the targets and indicators is essential.Instead of every five years as proposed, for ensuring the timely reporting the framework emphasized on having national reporting every two years to World Health Assembly and the UN General Assembly.Providing support to the application of appropriate and relevant global targets at regional and national levels has been emphasized. The committee developing the framework thinks that, for this the global set of NCD targets and indicators should be used as a template and guidance for national and regional ambitions within fully developed national NCD plans.

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